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To find out how many square feet in square yards, as a formula, multiply the square yard value by 9 or use the converter. 1 Square Yard = 9 Square Feet. There are 9 square feet in a square yard, because one yard equals to 3 feet and the area of a square is calculated by multiplying a side by itself, that makes 3 * 3 = 9 sq. feet in a sq. yard.


100 square yards. There are 3 feet to a yard. Therefore there are 9 (3 * 3) square feet to a square yard. You could think of it like this: Something would have an area of 900 square feet if, for ...


One cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet, and 1 square yard equals 9 square feet. Sand, dirt, concrete, debris, etc. are measured in cubic yards. To determine how many square yards a cubic yard of ...


The conversion between square yards and square feet also uses basic multiplication. For example, if a flower bed is 10 square yards, multiply 10 by 3 by 3 to equal 90. Ten square yards is equal to 90 square feet. A cubic yard contains 27 cubic feet because the cubic yard measures volume and not just area or linear length.


Square Yards. A unit of area equal to one yard by one yard square. Square Yards to Square Feet formula. ft² = yd² * 9.0000 . Square Feet. The square foot is a unit of area used in the imperial and U.S. customary measurement systems.


How many square feet are in a yard of concrete? Concrete is sold in cubic yards, so the number of square feet in that yard depends upon how deep the concrete is poured. Concrete can be poured in different amount of thickness. For instance, if the slab being put in is 4 inches thick, one cubic yard of concrete covers 81 square feet.


To find area you need length and width. You’ve specified a length of 1 yard, but haven't said how wide. Most rolls (often called bolts ) of fabric are 36 or 48 inches wide, but there are many other widths also. Your yard is 3 feet. If the bolt is 36 in wide, that's 3 feet, and your area is 3×3 or 9 sq ft.


How many square feet are in a square yard? Use this easy and mobile-friendly calculator to convert between square yards and square feet. Just type the number of square yards into the box and the conversion will be performed automatically.


The area of the driveway is 1,080 square feet (60-feet x 18-feet). According to the table above, one cubic yard of concrete placed at a thickness of 5-inches covers 65 square feet. In a perfect universe, our 1,080 square foot driveway will need exactly 16.62 cubic yards of concrete (1,080 square feet / 65 square feet equals 16.62 cubic yards).


To convert yards to feet, as a formula multiply the yard value "x" by 3. To convert from feet to yards divide the foot value "x" by 3. For example, to find out how many feet there are in a yard and a half, multiply 1.5 by 3, that makes 4.5 feet in 1.5 yards.