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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Arnold on upper lip swollen on one side: Could be trauma, could be allergy could be reaction to medication unable to determine- suggest going to dentist to have situation evaluated.


Have you ever woken up with your upper lip swollen? It seems many people complain of sudden upper lip swelling without knowing the cause. The truth is there are many reasons why you may suffer from a “fat” or swollen upper lip. In this article, let’s discuss the different swollen upper lip causes and treatment options.


Today my bottom lip started swelling on one side, thought it was going to be a fever blister but never did form one and then went away, now most of my top lip is swollen even worse than the bottom one earlier today. I also noticed I now have two itchy welts/bumps one on my head and one at the hairline on my forehead, and another on my side.


Waking up with one or both swollen lips is most likely due to an allergic reaction to something you ate or breathed in. Learn about the possible causes of overnight lip swelling, as well as ...


What describes the possible appearance of a swollen upper lip? Swollen top lips may be only swollen on one side, one spot, half of the lip, on the inside or outside, or over the entire lip. The swelling may appear overnight, during sleep, or suddenly, during the day. This is a problem for many people, adults and children alike.


What Is Meant by the Sudden Swelling of the Upper Lip? Sudden swelling of the lips is a common symptom of angioedema, an allergic reaction that is believed to be triggered by eating shellfish, exposure to animal dander and ingestion of certain medications, according to MedlinePlus.


Regarding exact location, the swelling can be random, on the entire lip, on half of your top, or in a single spot, i.e., on one side, left or right or even in the middle of your top lip ( swelling in the middle). Also, the swelling could be on the inner side on a spot or the entire lip. How does the swelling occur


Swollen upper lip is a condition when the upper lip of a person gets bigger in size along with a feeling of numbness and pain in it. The swollen region can be either a part of the upper lip, the whole lip, or the inside portion of the lip. Sometimes the swelling happens overnight and the person is unable to find the


Swollen upper lip and nose. Can allergies cause swelling in upper lip and around nose? A swollen upper lip and white spots, areas near your nostrils could be due to cold sore, infections or an allergy. However, none of the symptoms can conclusively deduced to a single cause amongst what we have looked at.


The extent of your upper lip swelling indicates a moderate to severe allergic reaction to something your mouth came in contact just a few hours before the swelling appeared. If you did not developed any difficulty in breathing or swelling of your tongue, you can take antihistamines every 4 hrs to control the swelling and the allergic reaction.