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Some examples of myths include the Greek story of Persephone’s abduction by Hades and the tale of Prometheus tricking Zeus into choosing a lesser offering. Myths are ancient stories that are typically used to explain some natural phenomenon or cultural practice.


An origin myth is a story conceived by humans to explain the causative factors behind existence. The word "myth" itself derives from the Greek word "mythos," meaning "story-of-the-people."


According to WebMD, a common myth about pregnancy is that a pregnant woman eats for two. The average pregnant woman only needs 300 extra calories per day throughout her pregnancy to promote the growth of a baby. She needs to gain between 25 and 35 pounds throughout the pregnancy.


Myths are best characterized as ontological, culture-based stories with god or hero protagonists in a proto-world setting to explain mysterious but natural events. They often use magic or break natural laws, and in some cultures, maintain long lists of names as part of the tale. Myths are an importa


Some common Halloween myths include that Halloween is a prime opportunity for bad people to poison children or sex offenders to kidnap children and that it is one of the most expensive holidays and on par with Christmas. Another popular myth is that vampires are real, which is easily disproved by th


Eliminating worry, having sex daily and using ice packs to increase a man's sperm count are common myths associated with increasing pregnancy chances, according to Parents.com. Although many of these myths have some truth to them, there is not sufficient evidence to indicate they improve the likelih


Examples of contemporary myths are stories about Tarzan, Superman and other superheroes; "The Lord of the Rings" also qualifies as contemporary myth. Like classical myths, these stories present larger-than-life heroes who triumph over evil and show the reader how to cope with the chaos of daily life


Some myths about using synthetic oil are that once it is used in a car the car can't use natural oil again, synthetic oil cannot be used in old cars, and synthetic oil improves fuel efficiency. Another common myth is that synthetic oil causes oil leaks.


The mermaid is everywhere in popular culture, but there other mythological creatures who gave rise to the representation of the fish-human hybrid. The myth dates back as far as Babylonian culture around 2,000 B.C. The Babylonian version of the fish human has a male upper body, classifying him as a m


Several myths concerning the value of rare coins include the belief that limited edition minted coins are highly valuable and that all ancient coins are rare and expensive. Another myth is that natural-toned silver coins are worth less than standard silver coins.