India is a country in South Asia and is located on the Indian subcontinent, the southerly region of Asia that constitutes the core lands of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. It is situated on the Indian plate, which was pa... More » Geography Asia South Asia

India is located on the continent of Asia. India is the seventh-largest country in the world in land area, with a total area of 1,269,346 square miles. More »

Asia is the largest continent and has the longest coastline of all the continents. Asia has a total area of approximately 17.2 million square miles and a coastline stretching 39,022 miles. Asia is bordered by the Pacific... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

The country of India is located in southeast Asia. It is bounded by the Arabian Sea to the southwest and the Bay of Bengal to the southeast. The southern tip of India is bordered by the Indian Ocean. More »

Pakistan is located in South Asia on the western side of the Indian subcontinent. Its latitude is from 24 to 37 degrees north, while its longitude is from 61 to 75 degrees east on Earth's Northern and Eastern Hemisphere. More »

South Asia is often referred to as a subcontinent because the countries that form South Asia are considered to be part of a large, self-contained landmass within a larger continent. The South Asian subcontinent is also c... More »

It is possible to purchase physical maps of Asia, which include South Asia, from the Maps of World website. It offers various types of files for downloading and printing that are available in low or high resolution and i... More » Geography Asia South Asia