"On Dumpster Diving" is the autobiographical account of Lars Eighner, who in 1988 became homeless after he lost his job as an attendant in Austin, Texas's state hospital. The story focuses on Eighner's experiences of sca... More »

A Supreme Court ruling in 1998, California v. Greenwood, found that people have no expectation to privacy for trash they leave on the curb. Picking through publicly available trash is legal. However, many dumpsters are l... More »

"The Glass Castle" follows the life of Jeannette Walls, starting when she is a child, and her family moves from place to place as her father, Rex Walls, goes from job to job. Eventually she and her sister move to New Yor... More »

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Written in 2007, "Lone Survivor" details an eyewitness account of Operation Redwing. This operation was carried out by four Navy SEALs in 2005 to track the movements and activity of an Al-Qaeda leader who was close to Os... More »

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Joel and Victoria Osteen's daily devotional, or Today's Word, can be delivered directly via email when a visitor creates an account with Joel Osteen Ministries at JoelOsteen.com. In addition to Today's Word, Joel and Vic... More »

"The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.," is the most accurate biography of the civil rights activist because it is the literary work closest to a first-person account by MLK himself. The book is a collection of hi... More »

Jon Krakauer's "Into the Wild" is an account of young Emory graduate Christopher McCandless, who ventured into the Alaskan tundra in search of meaning. He was found dead at age 24 in an abandoned bus in the wilderness. More »

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