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The top 10 interior paint colors range from muted browns, yellows and blues to gray colors. These shades are understated and more likely to complement the room rather than overwhelm.


Some of the paint colors that interior designers tend to prefer include blue, green, gray, yellow and red. Other preferred colors are brown, beige, pink, lavender, black and white. The paint color pallets by Benjamin Moore are most frequently used in interior design.


Popular interior paint colors tend to be those of neutral tones, which appeal to more palates. For instance, top color choices, all neutral, include Wool Skein, Essential Gray, Decorators White and Revere Pewter, according to Good Housekeeping.


Sherwin Williams Duration Home is an excellent interior paint, according to the "This Old House" and "Good Housekeeping" websites. Reviews say the paint flows smoothly and does not spatter when applied. It holds up well against stains and abrasion.


To paint an interior wall, remove all items from the wall and place painter's tape around any part of the wall you don't want to get painted. Once you complete the prep work, coat the wall with primer before actually painting the wall.


Good interior painting ideas include creating color schemes based on objects in each room, choosing non-white ceiling colors and adding drama with accent walls. It is also important to repair and prime surfaces before painting them.


Consumers can purchase good interior wall paint in various colors at Home Depot and Lowe's, as well as on the Benjamin Moore and Behr websites, as of 2015. Home Depot and Lowe's stores usually display interior wall paint swatch cards, while BenjaminMoore.com and Behr.com feature online paint browsin


To choose interior paint colors for your home, decide how you want to the space to feel: warm and cozy or bright and energetic. Use samples to test wall colors with the lighting in the room, then paint a small space with the chosen color.


There are many tips for choosing paint colors, such as not choosing red on a ceiling, as it often creates an annoying effect, but on the floor, it creates confidence. The best tips depend on what the painter wants to accomplish.


Interior latex paint can last for many years if it has been stored under proper conditions, according to DecorColor.com. It will remain usable as long as the metal can has been properly sealed, kept dry, and stored in moderate temperatures.