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A paint color mixing chart, also called a paint color wheel, is a circle made up of 12 sections of different colors. The chart is designed to illustrate how different colors are created.


Absolute Powder Coating offers a custom color chart for architectural and industrial powder coating, including marine vessels and outdoor patio furniture. Colormania offers custom paint charts for motorcycles while Lil Stinker Design offers custom paint color charts for phone cases and other gifts.


Color charts, or color wheels, are diagrams of colors placed in the order they are found in rainbows or when white light is filtered through a prism. Color charts can contain primary, secondary or tertiary colors, based on their complexity. Sir Isaac Newton created the first one in 1666.


Behr, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams provide interior house paint color charts online. All three websites place paint colors into categories and provide a way to explore how different colors look in different rooms of the house.


Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Glidden and Olympic all offer online paint color charts with color names. The Benjamin Moore color gallery allows users to zoom in on specific sections, which enlarge with a click. Rolling over a color on the bigger chart shows the color's name.


By visiting the Olympic website, users can quickly and easily find an Olympic dealer nearby. Simply click "Explore Products" and "Find a Store" to search.


A printable color chart for wall paint is available at Sherwin-Williams.com. This website hosts full color palettes that can be downloaded and printed as a PDF file. The palettes include the color names, samples, numbers and RGB values.


A food coloring chart shows cooks how to make a wide range of frosting colors by mixing plain white frosting with particular ratios of standard food colorings. The Food Network offers an online slideshow of a food coloring chart, as well as a downloadable PDF file for easy reference.


Obtain Ford paint color charts by accessing online public databases such as Paintref.com, AutomotiveTouchup.com and Fordparts.com. These databases provide you with listings to select the exact model and year of manufacture for your Ford and retrieve the relevant color charts.


Although the first color wheel is attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, the first basic color chart was created by Richard Waller in 1686. Waller's chart only showed basic colors and their names and did not show light spectrum or how colors can be mixed to form new colors.