Team figure skating is an event in which the members of a team or nation's skating team, such as men's, women's, pairs and ice dancing, compete to score points in two programs each, with the team or nation scoring the hi... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Every four years, hundreds of figure skaters invest their time, money and effort in hopes that they will get to represent their country at the Winter Olympics. However, only a select elite few qualify to compete at the G... More »

Figure skating became an Olympic sport in 1908 when it was included in the Olympic Games in London. It was also a part of the Summer Olympics in Antwerp in 1920, before moving in 1924 to its permanent spot in the Winter ... More »

Rankings for the International Skating Union, which includes US Figure Skating members, can be found on the International Skating Union website. Ice Network also lists current rankings. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

There is no maximum score that a judge can award for technical components of a figure skating program, but the performance score maximum is 10.00. More »

The members of the original Jamaican bobsled team in 1987 were: Michael White, Dudley Stokes, Devon Harris, Frederick Powell and Clayton Solomon. White, Stokes, Harris and Powell travelled to the team's first internation... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Some sample questions from the NCLEX-PN exam ask about members of the health care team and their main functions; the recommended daily caloric intake for sedentary older men, active women and children; and symptoms of il... More » Education Standardized Tests