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Ingredients for a Homemade Olive Oil Moisturizer. So I knew I wanted to make a moisturizer with an oil base. I settled on using the following ingredients: Olive Oil – For the main ingredient I used the ordinary olive oil I have in my cupboard.


Skin Exfoliator – combine 4 tbsp granulated sugar with 3 tbsp of olive oil and use as a skin exfoliating scrub for face, body and feet. This combination is a winner for dry skin in need of smoothing by riding the skin of dead skin cells which promotes blood flow giving a fresh moisturized glow to the skin.


Whole Milk: The lactic acid in milk makes this moisturizer a great DIY face moisturizer for dry skin it can turn an otherwise dry and rough face soft into a baby-soft one. Extra virgin olive oil: This plant-based oil promotes a healthy skin. Lime juice: This ingredient is needed to cleanse your skin by ridding your face of dead cells and acne.


Moisture is retained in the skin by olive oil, which acts as a barrier to elements that may dry out the skin. As a result, olive oil is best applied to skin that is lightly damp. Although olive oil can be used on its own to moisturize skin, it is best used when it is combined with water and an emulsifier to create a more substantial cream.


:-) So as you can imagine, the combination of olive oil and coconut oil TOGETHER makes a formidable team! Homemade Moisturizing Beauty Mash. Ingredients: 3 Tbsp coconut oil; 1 Tbsp olive oil; 4-5 drops lavender essential oil (optional) Directions: Add coconut oil and olive oil to a small bowl, then “mash” together with the back of a spoon ...


This do-it-yourself olive oil based moisturizer costs a fraction of other high-quality products, and it can be prepared in under ten minutes — with no unpronounceable ingredients. Step-by-Step Instructions. Making this DIY olive oil moisturizer requires only a few tools: a microwave, a microwave-safe container, and a spoon.


Important – All your diy body oil should contain 15 drops of essential oil diluted in 12 teaspoons of carrier oil.; Never use more than the suggested quantities, essential oils don’t become more effective by using extra, in fact it may even have a negative effect. Try to make your body oil in small batches so that they are always fresh, if however you really must make up a large batch, add ...


Apply this homemade natural moisturizer mixture to your hair and put on a heat cap. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Then wash your hair normally. 16. Avocado and olive oil moisturizer. In a bowl, mix together a mashed avocado and two tablespoons of olive oil, until it’s thick and smooth. Apply it to your shampooed (still wet) hair.


6. Olive Oil Moisturizer VIEW IN GALLERY. Using oil in a daily beauty routine is a practice that’s been around for a while, but Make Your Own Zone offers a unique recipe for a revitalizing olive oil moisturizer! If you struggle with a dry and flakey skin, you can’t afford not to make this! 7. Vitamin E Moisturizer VIEW IN GALLERY


Here I am, years later, sharing a simple two ingredient moisturizer, and it isn’t the first simple homemade moisturizer that I’ve shared on the blog. When I first started my quest to seek out “cleaner” skincare products, I learned about coconut oil and its 1001 uses.