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Solid old corrugated roofing tin. (More panels available)These panels have surface rust and nail holes, a few bends and dents. If you need more than 1 just ask we do have more available. Vintage 10 ft Corrugated Roof Panel Tin Old Rusty Metal Restaurant Decor 3302-14. $60.00.


Old rusty tin barn roofing reclaimed from 100 year old barns. These vintage barn roof sheets give a distinct look of an old barn seen in classic pictures and country landscapes. Used in combination with our reclaimed barn wood for drop ceilings, cabinet doors, wall veneer, shed roofs and many other unique designs to give that old barn feel.


Tin used in roofing is actually tin plated iron. It was one of the most common metal roofing materials used throughout the 19th century. Terne, an alloy of lead and tin, was also used as a plating material. Tin plate is bright and shiny when first installed, while terne has a duller appearance.


old tin roofing for decor | Old roofing tin frames | photo decor See more. Corrugated Roofing Corrugated Tin Tin Roofing Tin Siding Tin Art Metal Crafts Farm Crafts Diy Crafts Barn Tin. An eco-friendly roof is typically a roof that's covered in crops, which actually lessens stormwater run-off and decreases cooling expenses.


Metal Metal roofs, in the form of corrugated, galvanized sheets, have been a standard feature of barns, sheds and other agricultural and utility buildings for years. This type of roof is cheap, rugged, long-lasting and easy to install—perfect for a utility application.


From tin roof sealant to corrugated and rusty metal roof sealants, our products are specially formulated for a wide variety of metal roof types. Check out our full selection of rubber coatings for metal roofs below, in addition to application instructions for the best results. Application Instructions .


Briefly I want to install metal shingle roof over two layers of old aspalt shingles on my cottage. Roof slope is 3:12 and there is no attic. Would it make sense to add foam insulation between old roof and new metal shingles to keep house cooler in a summer. Also would it reduce room between old roof and metal shingles and affect roof ventilation?


Metal roofing and accessories, turnkey and DIY pole barn kits, and more. Vintage Metals serves Upstate SC, including Gaffney, Spartanburg, and Cowpens.


Reclaimed Antique Tin Description: All of our rustic tin is reclaimed from deconstructed buildings (predominantly barns). Tin was used either to replace or cover the old barn siding that was deteriorating. Tin was also used to replace or cover old roof shingles that were deteriorating or needed replacing. Reclaimed Antique Tin Specifications:


Built for beauty durability and value the Metal Built for beauty durability and value the Metal Sales Classic Rib is a hard-working roof panel that performs in all seasons. Ideal for a variety of structures including pole barns equipment storage stables garages sheds and houses this lightweight metal panel is easy to install to protect your investment beautifully ...