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A simple recipe for sausage gravy involves cooking 1/2 to 1 cup of sausage and using basic ingredients to prepare a gravy to enjoy as a side dish or over biscuits, grits or and mashed potatoes. For extra-thick gravy, add more milk.


Food Network and Bob Evans provide good recipes for sausage gravy; both recipes include 1 pound of sausage, all-purpose flour, and salt and pepper for taste. Food Network's recipe takes about 45 minutes total, while Bob Evans' smaller recipe is ready in 20.


A recipe for homemade sausage gravy can be made with hot or mild breakfast sausage, flour, milk and seasonings. This recipe takes about 45 minutes to prepare and serves 12 people.


To make sausage gravy, use 1 pound breakfast sausage, hot or mild, along with all-purpose flour and whole milk. Infuse with seasoned salt and freshly ground black pepper, and serve with warm biscuits. Preparation time is 25 minutes and cook time is 20 minutes. The recipe yields 12 servings.


Make white sausage gravy by cooking breakfast sausage in a skillet along with milk and flour for thickening. Use hot or mild breakfast sausage, and season with seasoned salt and pepper to taste. A recipe for sausage gravy by Ree Drummond is available on FoodNetwork.com.


A recipe for roux gravy on turkey, mashed potatoes and rice includes oil, butter and flour, or fat drippings and flour. A simple formula per cup of gravy is 2 tablespoons of fat, 2 tablespoons of flour and 1 cup of a liquid such as heavy cream, milk or broth.


Cooking Light offers a quick and easy gravy recipe. It only requires chicken broth, flour, butter, poultry seasoning, and salt and pepper. The Food Network and Real Simple also feature easy gravy recipes.


Sloppy Joes with sausage are easy to prepare and cook using one package of pre-crumbled sausage and combining the sausage with prepared barbecue sauce and tomato sauce. The sausage filling is ready to eat in eight to 10 minutes, and is spooned over hamburger buns and topped with cheese.


A quick and easy Italian sausage recipe requires 4 pounds of pork shoulder, 1 pound of pork back fat, 2 tablespoons of white sugar and 80 inches of 1-1/2-inch-wide sausage casings. Season the sausage with salt, pepper, garlic powder, mace, coriander and cayenne pepper.


Some recipes for making sausage are for pork liverwurst and garlic turkey sausage. Both recipes require casings, such as muslin or collagen casings, and the pork liverwurst recipe requires a meat grinder.