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Making bourbon involves fermenting a mixture of corn, rye, barley and sometimes wheat, then distilling the resulting alcohol. In the United States, the mixture must be at least 51 percent corn to be defined as bourbon.


Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, Four Roses Small Batch, Basil Hayden's and Angel's Envy are some good bourbons. Others include Hudson Baby and Woodford Reserve Master's Collection.


To make old-fashioned popcorn balls, heat a mixture of butter, sugar, corn syrup and salt in a saucepan until it reaches about 270 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour the sugar mixture over freshly popped popcorn, then form the coated popcorn into balls and allow it to set. Recipe...


Combination safes, deposit boxes with lock-and-key and iron chests are some old-fashioned safes. Metal cash coin boxes and vaults are also some safes that were used before modern inventions.


Some old-fashioned canning recipes include a recipe for jarred tomato sauce and a recipe for potatoes. To make the tomato sauce, first clean and quarter approximately 25 pounds of tomatoes, then add them to a large stock pot. Set the stovetop to medium heat, and stir th...


Some old-fashioned names for boys are names inspired by prominent figures, such as Albert Einstein, or by Biblical names, such as Amos, meaning "carried by God." Several old-fashioned names come from other countries, such as the Spanish name Arlo or the German name Bern...


Some different types of old-fashioned candy includes candy cigarettes, candy buttons and taffy, according to CandyStore.com. Candy sticks, chocolate candy bars and different types of bubble gum were also popular in past decades.