Old churches for sale are available at Loopnet.com. This site features property listings for churches, mosques, chapels, convent,s and religious halls and facilities. As of 2015, the site hosts over 500 church listings. ... More »

ReligiousRealEstate.com, ChurchRealEstateSales.com and LoopNet.com provide listings of vacant church and other religious institution properties. LoopNet.com users can filter listings for vacant church properties accordin... More »

As of 2015, St. Jude's Ranch for Children accepts old greeting card donations for its recycled card program. Individual state-run prisons and rehabilitation centers may have similar programs, and local churches and Chamb... More »

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The real estate websites Loopnet.com and Realtor.com allow users to search for commercial properties for rent. Both search engines allow available properties to be narrowed by type, as well as the geographical area in wh... More »

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Some small churches find help with building plans through their denominational church architecture department. Others use church building plans from commercially available sources, such as DigitalChurchPlans.net and LTH ... More »

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To find a school building for sale, review listings posted by commercial realtors, such as LoopNet, and visit school district websites to find information about surplus buildings for sale, advises Detroit Public Schools.... More »

Finding land for sale by owner involves scouring real estate ads such as those on Craigslist. Websites such as Land for Sale by Zip allow users to narrow locations by ZIP code and find land that is for sale by owner. More »

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