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In old Polish times, eel was also cooked in parsley or dill sauce. Moda bardzo dobra smażenia konfektów różnych [A Very Good Fashion of Making Various Condiments…] (17 th century, author unknown) includes a recipe for yellow eel, i.e., cooked for a long time with spices and saffron.


Perfect Polish recipes. Bring the flavours of Poland to your kitchen with bigos stew and moreish pierogi. Pierogi . by Rafael Paszenda.


Authentic Polish cuisine recipes available online at the Best Polish Recipes. Find world famous food recipes like Bigos, Pierogi’s and much more


These Old Fashioned Polish Stuffed Cabbage transport me back home, to when my relatives and family friends would give us pierogi and other polish favorites like golumpki. Let’s be clear about Polish food and set expectations. Polish food is often a labor of love. The recipes are delicious, cheap but time intensive.


This is an awesome way to make an inexpensive cut of steak, good enough for any company. My Aunt from England married a Polish soldier after WW II and this was one of his favorite meals. She made it for us the last time we visited them, and she gave me the recipe. It is now one of my family's favorites too, and we're not even Polish!! It is not at all for the calorie counters amongst us, s...


The Best Polish Chickens Recipes on Yummly | Sweet Potato And Chicken Salad, Watermelon, Feta And Mint Salad, Chili And Citrus Rubbed Chicken With Roasted Vegetables


Let’s get something sorted out right off the bat: Grandmother Muskie, she of “Polish Meatloaf” fame, isn’t my grandmother. She’s Jane G. Muskie (Mrs. Edmund S.)’s grandmother, presumably, who submitted her family meatloaf recipe to the Portland, Maine Junior league for inclusion in their cookbook, “RSVP: An Invitation to Maine Cooking,” way back in 1982.


Homemade Wood Furniture Polish. This natural homemade wood furniture polish is really effective and takes seconds to make. I have used this natural wood furniture polish a lot and love it. I have also added some wood furniture cleaning and restoring tips that we used as well. These tips are nothing new. They are recipes my mum has been using ...


Removing Old, Dull Furniture Polish: Steep two tea bags in boiling water. Let the tea cool to room temperature, take a soft cloth, wring it out in the tea until it’s damp and wash the wood. The tannic acid from the tea is wonderful for maintaining wood. You’ll be surprised at how the wood will shine.


As promised about a month and a half ago, here is my grandmother’s BBQ hamburger recipe.. What I said in January… When I saw the pic above of the Polish-American style BBQ hamburger, it made me think of my Babcia/Busia and how that burger was served up on many family events in B-F over the years.As the writer of the blog points out