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The Oilfield Training Program is a unique educational partnership between America’s oil and natural gas industry and the Carville Job Corps Academy in Carville, Louisiana. The program trains students in the basics of the oil and natural gas industry and prepares them for entry-level positions.


Certification & Training Schools. If you are serious about starting a career in Oil & Gas, or if you are looking to advance in the industry, then the next step is to find the right training program or school. Below, you will find schools and training programs that can help you achieve your career goals.


We at Petrofieldtraining, provide expert and live field operations oriented training on various subjects coming under this area of the industry. Our courses are designed to help candidates targeting jobs in this industry to secure a career in the Oil and Gas sector. To learn more on the training options please contact us.


If you only want free training. OSHAcademy provides free access to all training materials, including course modules, practice quizzes, exercises, and final exams. However, exam scores, certificates, and transcripts are provided only if you purchase a certificate package to document your training.


What Certification Do You Need to Work on an Oil Rig?. Offshore oil rig roughnecks are wel-paid drillers performing a very physically demanding job. Since they are working in the middle of the ocean, safety is paramount to the job, and many companies will not put a new employee on a rig until he has met the necessary ...


PetroSkills provides comprehensive oil and gas training around the world. Choose from expert-led short courses, online training, in-house options, and more.


USEPEC provides technical training, instruction and professional development services for the global Gas, Oil and Energy industry. Oil and Gas training. We deliver targeted short duration online e-courses to the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, offering over 1,000 hours of online training and hundreds of courses. Our online course curriculum focus includes introductory to advanced ...


OilandGasTraining.com offers instant access to petroleum industry online training and comes with a web-based learning management system.


"West Texas Safety Training Center is an invaluable resource. They are always willing to go above and beyond to handle our training needs. When we send a student in with a training plan they always return with the level of knowledge we have come to expect from a top tier trainer.


The oil and gas industry continues to expand in all area of the world and the need for safety professionals has never been greater. Identifying and controlling onshore and offshore oil platform hazards, reducing fatalities, injuries and illnesses, and designing effective OSH management systems specific to the oil and gas industry are essential skills to the success of organizations.