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oil & gas. As industry leaders in indexable tooling specifically designed for the oil and gas industry, Tool-Flo inventories all standard thread forms including API round, API buttress, NPT/LPT, waterwell, and rotary shoulder thread forms and even offers scarfing inserts for pipe manufacturing.


The American Petroleum Institute (A.P.I.) establishes a controlled gaging program to insure API thread form specifications are met in the production of oil field equipment, tools and pipe. A.P.I. requires that those manufacturers using the A.P.I. monogram inspect these components with working gages set to A.P.I. master gages.


Thread Protectors. Drilling Tools carries a variety of thread protectors ranging from composite heavy-duty plastic to pressed steel for both internal and external pipe threads. These durable coverings offer impact protection during normal operations, transportation, handling, and storage. Additional Information


Some conditions require a parallel screw thread to be screwed into a tapered mate. Gage Crib Worldwide Inc. specializes in screw thread measurement tools. The best screw thread measurement tool for pipe threads is often screw thread gages. These screw thread gauges are specifically designed for each type of pipe thread.


It utilizes two tungsten carbide contacts that fit in the threads of the pipe to make a more steady and solid fit of the gauge into the pipe thread. Description: The 1211 Buttress Run-Out Gauge is used to check the threading tool run-out on external API Buttress Casing thread.


Whether you need oilfield supplies, industrial equipment, or contractor tools, visit Angelo Bolt & Industrial Supply, Inc. You can turn to us to find the materials that you need to start or complete a job. As small business owners ourselves, we understand what it takes to keep your jobsite functioning and on track.


• Upset gauge ring on the bottom is sized for application • Large bevel cut to provide a scraping edge • Industry standard thread connection complete with finishing neck • Gauge and scrape clean paraffin, wax and other debris from inside the wall of the completion tubing string


Accessory and prove-up products are also available including OD Gauges through 6-5/8" OD, palm sized UT thickness gauges, rigid boroscopes, black lights, refacing tools and many other accessories and services. OEM does not compete with its customers in the pipe inspection service industry. Accomplishments


Pitch Gauge – A pitch gauge measures the threads per inch. For metric threads, this tool measures the distance between the threads. If you’re looking to buy a thread pitch gauge, Grainger has a pretty good selection. Step 1 – Male Threads v. Female Threads. First, you’ll need to identify whether the thread type is male or female.


expensive tool, or a tool lost in a washout or large diameter hole should not be treated in this manner. The wireline should be left attached to the tool and recovery attempted by the cut-and-thread procedure. Although this method is more complex and takes much longer, it is more likely to recover the fish. Catches