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In oil drilling, the spud date is when a machine capable of reaching total depth begins drilling a new well. This process is also known as spudding in.


A spud barge is a specialized type of boat used for marine construction operations. Spud barges are also referred to as jack-up barges, and are a flat-decked boat with a large area for storing construction supplies and equipment for use during construction. Spud barges ...


Spuds MacKenzie was a bull terrier. The dog who starred in the Bud Light commercials as Spuds MacKenzie was actually a female dog whose real name was Honey Tree Evil Eye, or "Evie" for short.


Bud Light party dog mascot Spuds MacKenzie was a bull terrier. The character was created by an Anheuser-Busch marketing executive, with Spuds making his first appearance during a 1987 Bud Light Super Bowl television ad.


Former American professional basketball player Anthony "Spud" Webb has an official vertical leap of 42 inches, though it has been estimated that his vertical leap has reached as high as 50 inches. Webb is one of the shortest players in NBA history at 5 feet, 7 inches.


According to San Joaquin Valley Geology, while some oil wells produce a flow purely from the natural pressure of the petroleum deposit, most require a physical pump in order to bring the oil to the surface for harvesting. In most cases, this is a pumping jack, a device ...


Most oil wells use a mechanical pump with a two-way valve to extract oil from a well. A plunger is lowered into the well with an open valve, allowing it to sink below the level of the petroleum in the shaft. The valve is then closed, and the plunger brings up the oil wh...