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Ohio State Symbols, Facts & Info. The United States of America accepted Ohio as the 17th state to enter the union. Below, you will find the official state symbols and interesting facts about Ohio. State Name: Ohio. Abbreviation: OH. Capital of Ohio State: Columbus. Date of Statehood: March 1, 1803. Ohio State Population: 11,464,042 (US Census ...


Ohio was the 17 th state in the USA; it became a state on March 1, 1803.. State Abbreviation - OH State Capital - Columbus Largest City - Columbus Area - 44,828 square miles [Ohio is the 34th biggest state in the USA] Population - 11,570,808 (as of 2013) [Ohio is the seventh most populous state in the USA, after California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania]


This is a list of state symbols for the US state of Ohio.The majority of these items are officially recognized by state law, having been ratified by an act of the Ohio General Assembly and executed by the governor's signature. These items can be found in the Ohio Revised Code, General Provisions, Chapter 5.Two of Ohio's official symbols have not been officially signed into law, but were ma...


Ohio: Entered the Union: March 1, 1803 (17) Capital: Columbus Origin of Name: From the Iroquois Indian word for "good river" State Motto: With God all things are possible State Song: “Beautiful Ohio” State Nickname: Buckeye State State Tree: Buckeye State Flower: Scarlet Carnation State Bird: Cardinal State Animal: White-tailed Deer : State Gem Stone: Ohio Flint


Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of Ohio - places to see in Ohio - landmarks, parks, historic markers, cities and towns - learn the culture and history of Ohio!


Ohio State Facts and Symbols. Ohio became the 17th state in 1803 and is the 7th largest state by population with about 11.7 million residents. It is also the 35th largest state by land and water area with a total area of 44,825 square miles.


Since the early 19th Century, Ohio's lawmakers have identified several symbols to represent the state. Whether a song, animal or plant life, or a beverage, these symbols represent Ohio and serve to unify Ohioans living in all corners of the Buckeye State.


State Symbols and Facts Funsheets: Ohio. State Symbols and Facts Funsheets: Ohio. 0 Reviews Write a Review | Ask a Question. ... Use these oversized activity sheets to teach students about the state of Ohio! Sheets feature a word search, a maze, the state flag, state seal and lots of shapes to color. Paper.


Ohio State Facts. Entered Union: March 1, 1803 (17th State) Present constitution adopted: 1851 Fun Facts. State abbreviation/Postal code: Ohio/OH Nicknames: Buckeye State Slogan: "Ohio—Birthplace of Aviation" Origin of name: From a Seneca word meaning "great river" Motto: "With God all things are possible" State symbols:


Ohio is an Eastern state in the Great Lakes region of the United States.. The state takes its name from the Ohio River.The name originated from the Iroquois word ohi-yo’, meaning "great river" or "large creek".Partitioned from the Northwest Territory, the state was admitted to the Union as the 17th state (and the first under the Northwest Ordinance) on March 1, 1803.