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Ohio's official and unofficial symbols including the state animal, bird, fish, flag, flower, gem, mammal, motto, nickname, coat of arms, song, seal, tree - by worldatlas.com Trending: Covid-19 Cases And Deaths Per State In The US


Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of Ohio - places to see in Ohio - landmarks, parks, historic markers, cities and towns - learn the culture and history of Ohio!


State bird: Cardinal (C. cardinalis) Ohio's state bird, the cardinal (C. cardinalis), was designated the state bird by the General Assembly in 1933. It was then listed as effective in the Ohio Revised Code in 1953. State animal: State animal – white-tailed deer: The white-tailed deer (O. virginianus) became the official state wild animal in 1988.


Below is a list of U.S. state birds as designated by each state's legislature, as well as the District of Columbia's state bird. The list also contains U.S. territory birds as designated by each territory's legislature. The selection of state birds began in 1927, when the legislatures for Alabama, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Oregon, Texas and Wyoming selected their state birds.


The Official Flowers, Trees, Birds and Capitols for All Fifty States: STATE STATE TREE STATE FLOWER STATE BIRD ; Alabama Montgomery: Southern Pine Picea sitchensis: Camellia Camellia sp. Yellowhammer: Alaska ... Ohio Columbus: Ohio Buckeye Aesculus glabra: Scarlet carnation Dianthus caryophyllus: Cardinal:


Ohio State Flower and State Bird Cardinal ~ Richmondena cardinalis The male Cardinal brings the female tidbits of berries and insects during the two weeks that she incubates the three bluish-white eggs spotted with brown.


Print the pdf: State Bird and Flower Coloring Page The Ohio state bird is the cardinal , which happens to be the state bird of six other states. The male cardinal is easily recognizable with brilliant red plumage and a striking black mask.


The State Bird: Cardinal. Adopted: 1933. In 1933, the Ohio General Assembly made the cardinal Ohio's state bird. The cardinal's scientific name is Cardinalis cardinalis. When Europeans first arrived in Ohio in the late 1600s, Ohio was 95 percent forest and cardinals were rare to the area.


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