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Felony Sentencing Chart Special Felonies Prison Term Fine Agg. Murder w/death specification Death, Life w/o parole, Life w/parole after 20, 25 or 30 years $25,000 Agg. Murder w/o death spec Life w/parole after 20 years $25,000 Murder Fifteen to Life. Life w/o parole if sexual motivation spec and sexually violent predator spec $15,000 Degree of


Judicial Practitioner "Quick" Reference Guides and Charts. Senate Bill 231 - Violent Offender Database "Sierah's Law" Ohio Impaired Driving Law Types of Offenses. Ohio Driver's License Law. Felony Sentencing Quick Reference Guide (May 2017) Adult Rights Restoration (Updated February 2019) Extradition for Interstate Compact Cases (June 2017)


Ohio Misdemeanor Sentencing Chart In Ohio, Misdemeanor level charges are the most commonly charged, and can have significant and long lasting effects. With the penalties as life-altering as they are, it is critical that you obtain an intelligent and strong criminal defense advocate to fight for your freedom. In the American justice system, the prosecutor […]


OHIO CRIMINAL SENTENCING CHARTS FELONIES Felony Level Prison Time Maximum Fine F1 (First Degree) 3 to 11 $20,000 F2 2 to


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• Offense while on bail, awaiting sentencing, on community control or PRC, or after PRC unfavorably terminated • Offender has a history of criminal convictions or juvenile delinquency adjudications FELONY SENTENCING QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE In Collaboration with the Ohio Judicial Conference May 2017 CRIMINAL SENTENCING COMMISSION OHIO


Additionally, Ohio has a number of felony offenses that are not identified by degree. For information on Ohio misdemeanors, see Ohio Misdemeanor Crimes by Class and Sentences. Sentence Range for Each Level. Anyone convicted of an Ohio felony faces a sentence commensurate with the degree of the felony involved. Each felony category has a ...


Ohio felony sentencing laws place most Ohio crimes into five classes. These range from the lowest (fifth degree felony) to the highest (first degree felony). This article will focus on the basic sentencing scheme. This article will not discuss specialized Ohio felony sentencing laws, such as the death penalty, life imprisonment, and mandatory additional prison...


Chapter 2929: PENALTIES AND SENTENCING. 2929.01 Penalties and sentencing general definitions. As used in this chapter: (A) (1) "Alternative residential facility" means, subject to division (A)(2) of this section, any facility other than an offender's home or residence in which an offender is assigned to live and that satisfies all of the following criteria: