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The Ogre flask (empty) is a reward from the Bounty Hunter& Deathmatch Reward Shop, purchasable for 100 Deathmatch points. It can be used on any of the spa pools in Oo'glog to allow the effects to be used anywhere. After using the filled flask, it is destroyed.


Other than the Ogre Flask, why are these pvm useful items only obtainable in a pvp zone? Why not have them obtain in both slayer mobs inside and outside wildy? Incentivizing pvmers or skillers to enter the wildy will not make more players interested in pvp as there are far more bigger central problems with RS3 pvp nowadays.


Big support. I like the idea of the ogre flask since some effects (particularly the endless running effect) are quite useful, but the amount of time you'd have to spend at Deathmatch on consumable flasks versus just teleporting to Oo'glog instead seems weird when you're trying to compare time spent with time saved.


The potion flask acts as a jumbo vial that can hold up to six doses of potion rather than the four doses of a traditional vial. It may also be used to hold untradeable potions such as overloads. Upon finishing the potion, the flask is automatically destroyed. Completing As a First Resort is an...


Ogre flask: can be crafted by 10 robust glass and used to hold up to 6 doses of ogre spa pool waters. Completion of the quest As a First Resort and level 89 crafting are required. Amulet of the forsaken: can be obtained from the barrows reward chest as a super rare drop. Revenant pet: can be obtained from revenants as a rare drop.


How to Make Potion Flasks in RuneScape. Unlike vials, flasks are very helpful in fights since they carry a maximum of 6 doses instead of 4. Once a flask is consumed/used and completely emptied, it automatically breaks. Complete the "As a...


Divination potions are potions that boost your Divination level by 3. A Herblore level of 43 is required to make the potion - the ingredients are clean spirit weed and Rabbit foot. It grants 97.5 experience once made. Rabbit foot are obtained by hunting rabbits in Piscatoris Hunter area.


Runecrafting potions are potions that boost your Runecrafting level by 3. A Herblore level of 54 is required to make the potion - the ingredients are Clean wergali and season sheep wool (Summerdown wool, Springsheared wool, Winterwold wool or Fallfaced wool). It grants 122.5 experience once made. Seasonal sheep wool are obtained by harvesting season sheep in Player-owned farm.


island next to gutanoth - posted in Help and Advice: Hey i have read 2 posts similar to this, got a clue scroll that tells me to go to the island, i found the cave they both talk bout but it keeps putting me into random places going in a circle, and keeps saying i need a map to get around. anyone know where the map is at?


Talk to the ogre Grish who can be found south of Castle wars and west of Gu'Tanoth, the Ogre city west of Yanille.He wants you to figure out why the Zogres have appeared. He will give you three Cooked chompy and two Super restore (3).; Go a bit east and talk to the Ogre guard about letting you pass the barricades.