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Certain Mattel Barbie dolls are collectible. Many retailers sell them as "Barbie Collector" dolls. However, Mattel labels new releases as "The Barbie Collection," as of 2015.


Many old and vintage dolls are available for purchase on eBay in the Vintage & Antique Toys subcategory. Listings on eBay vary from auctions to set prices, and searches may be filtered to find dolls from specific years or in certain conditions.


Uno, Pictionary and Apples to Apples Junior are all examples of popular Mattel games for children. Mattel manufactures a wide variety of card and board games for children and adults.


Mattel.com provides the official rules for playing Uno. To locate the instructions, click on Customer Service on the top right of the home page, and choose Instruction Sheets. Enter Uno in the search field, select the game, and click the link for the instruction sheet to download a PDF file.


Since the first Barbie doll was introduced in 1959, different types of Barbies include the Mod Barbie, produced from 1967 to 1973; the Malibu Barbie, from 1971 to 1977; the Supersize Barbie from 1978; the Black Barbie from 1980; the Holiday Barbie from 1988 on; and the pink, silver, gold, platinum a


“Fijit Friends Dance Party,” “Barbie Fairy Secret Adventure” and “Kanani Ocean Rider” are suitable Mattel games for children. “Hot Wheels Trailblazin’ Tricks” is also a good children’s game.


According to the official Nintendo website, Barbie games include “Barbie Dreamhouse Party” for the Wii U, “Barbie House Adventures: Riding Camp” for the Wii and “Barbie: Glam and Groom Pups” for the 3DS. Both “Barbie Dreamhouse Party” and “Barbie: Glam and Groom Pups” were released by publisher Litt


Mattel Inc.’s slogan is “The World’s Mattel.” The corporation clearly expresses that its mission is to make a difference in a global scale through effectively serving children in need. The Mattel Children’s Foundation, partnering with other charitable organizations, reaches out to the world by means


Barbara Millicent Roberts is Mattel’s Barbie’s complete name. The world-famous fashion doll, which first appeared in 1959, is named after its inventor’s daughter. Ruth Handler projected a grown-up three-dimensional doll after she noticed her daughter’s fascination with paper dolls and observed that


The doll Barbie has had many different friends since she was introduced in 1959. Her oldest friend is Ken Carson, a doll that was introduced to the line in 1961. In 1963, Midge Hadley was introduced as Barbie's first female friend. Other early Barbie friends include Christie, the first African-Ameri