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All horseshoe designs and prototypes must be approved and sanctioned by the NHPA before the shoes they represent can officially be manufactured and used in NHPA sanctioned competition. The maximum weight and measurement standards are as follows: The horseshoe weight shall not be more than two (2) pounds, ten (10) ounces (there is no minimum ...


Most horseshoe pitchers purchase or use horseshoes made to specifications set out by a sanctioning body like the NHPA (National Horseshoe Pitching Association). Their regulations state: The horseshoe weight shall not be more than two (2) pounds, ten (10) ounces (there is no minimum weight).


Take your outdoor fun and entertainment to the next level with the EastPoint® Sports Official Weight Horseshoes! Crack open a cool beverage and toss some steal with friends and family! Find out who is a true champ and who may be a ringer! PRODUCT FEATURES: 4 - Official Size and Weight Horseshoes – 2.5lb (1.1kg) Cast Iron


Horseshoes can range in weight from 2 ounces to up to 5 pounds, although there is no standard weight for a horseshoe. The type of material employed, the size and weight of the horse being shod, and the use of the animal all contribute to the weight of the shoe.


Set up for league or tournament play with this St. Pierre® The Royal Original Official Horseshoes Set. Inning after inning, players can toss ringers and rack up points with these official-size and -weight horseshoes that are approved for competitive games.


Rather than metal stakes, these casual horseshoe game sets often feature a plastic stake that sits in a rubber mat, allowing players to take the game indoors in case of poor weather. More serious players will probably prefer a horseshoe set with official size and weight horseshoes and metal stakes.


If being purchased for occasional use (a few times a summer in the backyard), they could easily last a lifetime! The Bronco Pro Flip is one of the most popular flip style horseshoe on the pro tournament circuit. This shoe won world championships in its first year of production. Players of every skill level can improve their game with this ...


(4) Official size & weight powder-coated cast iron horseshoes, (2) black & (2) silver Stakes: (2) 23.5” chrome-plated solid forged steel stakes Includes official horseshoe pitching rules Ages 8+


Franklin's Recreational Horseshoe Game Set is a classic outdoor game anyone can play. The set includes four official size and weight hammerite finished, carbon-steel horseshoes and two 20" forged steel stakes. Simply place the stakes in the ground and let the fun begin.


Horseshoe Pit dimensions - need to keep this in mind. Would be good on the side of the yard. Diagrams For Building a Horseshoe Pit - Yahoo Image Search Results 7 Simple and Ridiculous Ideas: Country Patio Design cement patio garden. Horseshoe Pit Size Distance - Pictures of Horses horseshoe game pit - Google Search See more