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On top of satisfying age and residency requirements, candidates make their way onto ballots by collecting signatures on a petition for their candidacies, meeting required deadlines, or in some cases, meeting a minimum campaign contribution threshold. Specifics for state government offices may vary f


Find information about the Ohio Democratic ballot on the Ohio Democratic Party's official website, OhioDems.org. Learn more about Ohio state elections at the Ohio page of USElections.com or at the Ohio Secretary of State's Elections and Voting Page.


To research information about ballots for Texas elections, visit SOS.State.TX.us or Ballotpedia.org. Ballotpedia.org contains information on past, present and future elections. SOS.State.TX.us is a website maintained by representatives of the Secretary of State, so information regarding elections ba


The types of ballots used in elections include standard, preferential and approval voting ballots. Voters choose one from a list of candidates in the standard ballot and rank the candidates from their favorite to their least favorite in an ordinal or preferential ballot. Voters choose all the candid


The State Senate, attorney general, state representative, U.S. Senate and state executives, including auditor general and treasurer are the political positions on an Indiana election ballot. Other areas include state courts and school boards, according to Ballotpedia. A political party sponsors all


Ballot questions, also known as ballot measures or propositions, run the gamut of governmental and political issues. Some of the most popular questions involve taxes, the issuing of bonds for governmental projects, raising the minimum wage, and social issues such as the legalization of marijuana or


A ballot form is a piece of paper on which voters record their choices in the voting process. After they have completed the form, it is turned into voting officials who total the vote counts.


To complete a Travis County election ballot, register to vote if you have not already done so, then visit any voting center, identifiable by a Vote Here sign, within the county at the time of an election. As an election draws near, a sample ballot becomes available on TravisCountyClerk.org, which al


Ballot recommendations are advice issued by interested parties to the general public regarding how to vote on a particular ballot measure or for whom one should vote in a given race. Interest groups, such as the conservative grassroots activist organization Americans for Prosperity, and newspaper ed


Barack Obama, Darcy Richardson, Keith Russell Judd, Bob Ely, Randall Terry, Jim Rogers, Ed Cowan, Vermin Supreme, John Haywood, Craig Freis, Cornelius Edward O'Connor, Edward O'Donnell, Bob Greene, Robert Jordan and Aldous Tyler were the democrats that ran in the 2012 primary election. Obama was the