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The eye is often more sensitive to light after surgery because it's healing and second a cataract is usually dark brown-yellow and blocks some of the light from stiking the retina (like a pair of sunglasses inside the eye), when the cloudy cataract is replaced by a clear implant more light enters the eye and it takes time to get use to it.


Well, as a matter of fact, sometimes, there would be something wrong with your eyes, if the IOL degree is the in line with what you need. On the other hand, sometimes the headaches may be resulted from the high eye pressure. So, as long as the causes for this are various, so you need to identify what led to your situation and take measures to tackle the problem.


What Could be the Cause of Bad Headaches After Cataract Surgery? I am a 60 year female and just over two week ago I under went cataract surgery on my right eye. I have developed extremely bad headaches behind my eye and reaching out to my temple. It doesn’t seem to go away with normal pain medicine.


I also am having headaches 10 days after cataract surgery. I cannot sleep and take advil. I had a severe headache after the first eye and that resolved. Now experience headache at the back of my head and it is 3 am and I cannot sleep, whereas I was a terrific sleeper.


Ocular Migraines-Eye Migraines Details Gloria Gilbère, DAHom, PhD ... The eye doctor did see a clouding of the lens, often forming after cataract surgery; which I had a few years back. The following information is the result of my research to assist you in better understanding, and dealing with, this type of ocular occurrence should you ...


For most people, cataract surgery goes smoothly. You end up with better vision and heal without any long-term issues. But like any surgery, there are risks, especially if you have other eye ...


What Not to Do Following Cataract Surgery. Once the surgeon is finished with your cataract surgery, you will spend time in your hospital room until the doctor has come by to make sure everything is ok. He will then schedule a number of follow up visits to check on the health of your eyes and the success of his work.


These symptoms usually resolve spontaneously after several minutes but usually less than one hour. Often, rest in a darkened room can be helpful during a migraine attack. Medical treatment is usually not necessary. Sometimes, there can be a headache after the visual symptoms resolve. This is called migraine headache with visual prodrome.


Triggers and Treatments for Ocular Migraines. Eye Health | June 28, 2013. The term “ocular migraine” can describe different conditions. If you were told you had an ocular migraine, you probably had one of the following: Repeated episodes of blindness or a blind spot in one eye, lasting less than one hour. “Retinal migraine” is another ...


Avoid rubbing or putting pressure on your eye; The day after cataract surgery, your surgeon will likely perform a post-operative exam to ensure that the eye is healing properly. Additional appointments will also be made for the following week, and the following month. Cataract surgery recovery time is considered to be approximately six weeks.