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Oceanography Study Guide Answers. 1. freshwater 2. estuary 3. intertidal 4. open-ocean 5. sunlight 6. It can pollute beaches and kill marine animals. 7. Animals can mistake it for food and choke on it. 8. surface currents 9. deep currents 10. global winds, the Coriolis effect, and continental deflections


5. Define the 4 major categories of oceanography. Physical: Study of Waves, Currents, and Tides. Geological: Study of Ocean Rocks, Sediment, & Volcanic Activity. Chemical: Study of Water Chemistry. Biological: Study of Ocean Life / Marine Biology. 6


The Ocean Book study guide • Introduction Terms to Know and Spell Locations of the various oceans and seas Short Answer 1. The oceans cover ____% of the earth’s surface area and contain ____% of all the surface water on the planet. 2. How do the oceans protect the earth? 3. How do the oceans provide both food and oxygen for mankind? 4.


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oceanography chapter 8 – study guide Recent Class Questions identify the greek period to which the following characteristics or images belong by dragging the text or image to the appropriate category.


Study Guide Science 3104v I. Introduction to Science 3104 Science 3104, Introduction to Oceanography, will give you a basic understanding of the ocean’s cyclic movements which include waves, currents and tides. You will have opportunities to investigate interactions between the oceans and shorelines, relationships between ocean


Oceanography is the study of physical and biological aspects of the ocean. The following quiz is a general test that explores the subject to give you an idea about the scope of oceanography. Good luck with the Quiz!