Calculating the occupant load of a room or building requires first calculating the area of the space in question in square feet, and then dividing the area by the occupant load factor specified by the International Build... More »

To calculate the occupancy load of a room, first determine the area of the space by multiplying the length by the width. Then, divide the area by the occupant load factor, which is based on how the space will be used, ac... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

To use a CFM (cubic feet per minute) calculator to determine airflow needs for a room, know variables such as the volume of the room and the number of times the air changes per hour from the fan/ventilation system and ap... More »

To use a square footage calculator to measure a room, first find its length and width measurements, either in feet or feet and inches. Input the measurements into the corresponding boxes of the calculator, and then hit C... More »

In mathematics, area is defined as the amount of two-dimensional space occupied by a shape. It can be calculated by multiplying two lengths of the shape, such as the length and width of a rectangle. The units of area are... More »

The formula used to calculate "case cube" is length times width times height, or l * w * h. It does not matter in which order these measurements are multiplied as the same answer will be obtained. More »

To calculate the estimated required minimum distribution, take the amount of the retirement account balance as of Dec. 1 of the previous year and divide that amount by a life expectancy factor determined by the Internal ... More »