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Define Oblique circle. Oblique circle synonyms, Oblique circle pronunciation, Oblique circle translation, English dictionary definition of Oblique circle. a circle whose plane is oblique to the axis of the primitive plane.

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Tutorial video for oblique drawing. AutoCAD Ellipse Command Tutorial Complete | Center, Elliptical Arc, Isometric Circle, Rotation - Duration: 10:53. CAD CAM Tutorials 14,908 views


CIRCLES IN OBLIQUE.— In an oblique projection, a circle on the surface parallel to the plane of projection will appear as a circle. A circle on any other surface will appear as an ellipse, as shown in figure 5-55.


(projection) a circle whose plane is oblique to the axis of the primitive plane


oblique-circle definition: Noun (plural oblique circles) 1. (projection) a circle whose plane is oblique to the axis of the primitive plane...


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Various Types of Pictorial Drawings Oblique Projection After reviewing this material, students will know how to do the following: Describe how an oblique projection is created. List the advantage of oblique projection. Draw cavalier and cabinet oblique drawings. Know how to place circle when creating an oblique drawing.


Right now, I cannot tell you exact steps to draw a circle in isometric drawing but yes I can help you with tutorial to draw Isometric drawing like how to draw Isometric drawing. Here is reference to it- How to Draw an Isometric Drawing Step by Step. I hope it would help you in drawing of circle as well.