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NRSNG.com » Blog » Critical Thinking » Objective Vs. Subjective Data: How to tell the difference in Nursing Subjective Data: How to tell the difference in Nursing The difference between objective and subjective data seems simple at first… but then once you dive into a nursing case study, you find yourself second guessing what you thought ...


More info: Objective Vs. Subjective Data: How to tell the difference in Nursing. Putting it All Together. Subjective and objective data are vastly different but equally important. In the initial assessment, the nurse usually begins by talking to the patient, seeing how they’re doing and what brought them in today.


If a patient was seen in the ER, would that be considered subjective or objective data for SOAPIE documentation? I know that subjective data is normally through pt/family interview but the patient is not able to communicate well & no family members available. Lab or diagnostic test results, i...


Subjective information or writing is based on personal opinions, interpretations, points of view, emotions and judgment. It is often considered ill-suited for scenarios like news reporting or decision making in business or politics. Objective information or analysis is fact-based, measurable and observable.


OBJECTIVE VS. SUBJECTIVE: THE CHALLENGE OF CLEAR DOCUMENTATION OF RANGE OF MOTION Kathy Mulder, BPT Clinical Advisor—Pediatric Physiotherapy and Kristy Wittmeier, BMR(PT), MSc, ... However, documentation practices mirrored the inconsistency observed in our department.


In nursing, subjective data refers to information from a patient's point of view, such as pain levels, feelings and perceptions, whereas objective data refers to measurable aspects of a patient's condition found through diagnostics, tests and examination, notes Delmar Cengage Learning.

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Subjective and objective data components are a part of the 'SOAP' documentation method, which is used by the medical fraternity to list notes in a patient's health care chart. Data collection is an important part of any assessment process, whether it is for risk management, a health diagnosis, or a performance evaluation.


It should also occur for discharge planning and discharge instructions. A variety of formats are used to document care including hand-written flow sheets, nurses' notes, and electronic documentation. Charting is objective, not subjective. This means chart only what you see, hear, feel, measure, and count - not what you infer or assume.


By the end of this lesson, you will know the definition of subjective data in nursing, the difference between subjective and objective data, and how to gather detailed information in subjective ...