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Gurdjieff cites the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and the Taj Mahal as two major examples of objective art. George Gurdjieff's philosophy divides art into two categories: subjective and objective art. Subjective art is more common because it is a result of the individual artist's feelings and experiences.


objective. limited war - A war whose objective is of smaller scope than total defeat of the enemy. institution - First a noun of action or process that became a general and abstract noun describing something objective and systematic.


Quite often, non-objective art is used as a synonym for abstract art. However, it is a style within the category of abstract work and the subcategory of non-representational art. Representational art is designed to represent real life, and non-representational art is the opposite.


Objective definition is - relating to or existing as an object of thought without consideration of independent existence —used chiefly in medieval philosophy. How to use objective in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of objective.


This is objective art. Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Ch 24. But objective art has disappeared from the world because mystics have disappeared from the world. Objective art is possible only when somebody has attained to a higher plane of being; it is created by those who have reached the peak. They can see the peak and they can see the valley both.


The second reason is because there is no objective way to measure which of those opinions is accurate because art is always changing. While the argument of this paper does support the opinion of an unattainable objective definition of art, this does not mean that a functional definition cannot be achieved.


Non-objective (non-representational) abstract art is an art which emphasizes color, form, structure and composition, and which is completely dissociated from representational art. In non-objective (non-representational) abstract art, there is no reference to any figurative reality, to any concrete recognizable physical objects.


Subjective definition, existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought (opposed to objective). See more. Subjective | Define Subjective at Dictionary.com


Even though Gurdjieff is the person responsible for formally dividing art into subjective art and objective art, I find Osho’s explanation of objective art the one that defines it the best. He uses the following Haiku of Basho to define objective art:


Definition. The term "Non-Objective Art" (also known as concrete art) describes any type of abstract art (including abstract sculpture) which is wholly devoid of any reference to the natural world. This category of non-representational painting and sculpture typically uses geometrical imagery, which is one of the few sources of non-naturalistic ...