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High-quality bread boxes include the Oak Roll-Top Bread Box with Drawer from Lehmans.com and American Family Woodworking's Large Oak Bread Box. The Golden Oak Roll Top Bread Box, also produced by American Family Woodworking, exudes similar quality.


Oak trees see use primarily in decorating and manufacturing; oak wood forms tables, chairs and other furniture, and commonly creates walls and floors in homes. The family of oak trees includes a range of species, whose wood varies in color and texture, determining its b...


Oak comes from oak trees. Oak trees are native to North America but are now found in most parts of the world, except extremely cold places. They grow in China, the Himalayas, most of Europe and in parts of South America.


Antique oak furniture is often available for sale on eBay.com and local antique dealers. Private auction houses and estate sales are good places to look for oak furniture from different time periods. Etsy.com has a wide variety of oak furniture for sale from many seller...


Oak is durable, heavy and light colored. It has large pores and prominent rings that give it a prominent grain and course texture. Oak is also characterized by medullary rays which appear as “flakes” in quarter sawed oak lumber.


The value of old ice boxes depends on the age, craftsmanship and manufacturer of the piece. An antique Snowflake ice box is worth considerably less than an antique salesman's sample ice box dating back to roughly the same time.


Purchase moving boxes at your local UPS store or your local U-Haul store. Additionally, you can order moving boxes online from ULINE and have them shipped to your location directly as of 2015.