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Most spiral cut hams are precooked, what you want to do is heat it. wrap it in a heavy foil and close it tight. Place in a pan in the oven at 300 degrees for 13 minutes per pound.If it is 10 pounds that is 130 minutes or 2 hours and 10 minutes.


o You can still baste the ham with the juices from the liner pan. o If the ham begins to brown too quickly, cover the ham in foil. o For a great, unique flavor, pour cola over the ham. • For more information on the NuWave Oven Pro, visit www.NuWaveOven.com . • For more information on the NuWave Oven Elite, visit www.NuWaveElite.com .


Remove all packaging from the ham and save the cooking instructions in the ham packaging. Place ham on the 1 inch rack. Use the Extender Ring, that came with your NuWave Oven. Read the packaging of the ham’s heating instructions and cook at the recommended temperature, for as long as packaging recommends.


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Place the ham on the 1inch rack, fat side down. Add half can of cola to cover the ham. Cook on power level HI for 15 minutes per pound; frozen ham 20 minutes per pound. Baste the ham every 15 minutes. Remember to hit PAUSE before opening the oven and START to resume cooking. Mix brown sugar, mustard ...


Ham shank can also be cooked on Power Level HI. NuWave Oven Elite Directions . Cook up to an 8-pound ham without an Extender Ring. Cook up to a 14-pound ham with the 3-inch Extender Ring. Cook up to a 22-pound ham with the 5-inch Extender Ring. Cook for 10 minutes per pound at 375°F on 1-inch rack.