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The front stud nut torque is the same. The axle is rated at 23000 Lbs. and there are axles rated for higher loads and the stud nuts will be larger so the torque rang will be higher. Bolt / stud size and max torque for grade 8 studs. 5/8 in. 18 thread= 200 Ft. Lbs. 3/4in. 10 thread= 320 Ft. Lbs. 3/4in. 16 thread= 357 Ft. Lbs.


The torque for the Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly - 6,000-lb and 7,000-lb Axles - 12" - 5 Spoke Utility # 8-174-5UC3 is not specified by the manufacturer. For 9/16 inch studs, the typical lug nut torque will be 120-140 ft lbs based on most of our manufacturers.


This is a perfect example on a critical drive component as to why you should not be asking about torque specifications. You should be using your service manual for your make, model, and year of bike to obtain the correct values. The other issue is when the question is asked about the size of the socket or wrench needed for (bolt, nut, part here).

docs.1aauto.com/1ASHS00312/BHA53294 Torque Spec.pdf

Axle / Spindle Nut Torque Specification. Author: 1A Auto Created Date: 8/22/2017 10:06:25 AM ...


Torque measurements are in foot-pounds. The following is a guide for torquing the different fasteners. Remember, if original fasteners are used, their tension loss is unknown due to the number or times they have been reused. Therefore, the torque measurement might need to be adjusted. It is recommended to use all new fasteners.


Torque Specifications are Important To ensure that you have the correct torque for the specific vehicle always refer to the National catalog 510-2, the National torque specification brochure or contact the manufactures dealer. It is important that you properly torque the spindle nut to ensure optimum bearing life from your hub assembly. Under ...


**2011 ** Equinox Torque Specs N.m. lb ft 1.) Brake caliper bracket bolt (front): 190 , 140 2.) Hub to axle shaft nut: 205, 157 3.) Hub to knuckle Bolts: 100, 74 LOL! Ordered these Helm manuals 5 days before Christmas 2013 and *still* hadn't cracked open the box!


Torque tolerance + 0%, -15% of torquing values. Unless otherwise specified use torque values listed above. 5.8 8.8 10.9 Class 5.8 Class 8.8 Class Bolt Head Identification Bolt Size Grade 2 Grade 5 Grade 8 (Metric) Bolt Head Identification Bolt Size (Inches)

manuals.gogenielift.com/Parts And Service Manuals/data/Service/Stick Booms/SAE and...

Service Manual Supplement July 2016 Fastener Torque Specifications 4 SAE and Metric Fastener Torque Specifications SAE Plain and Zinc Plated Hex and Socket Head Cap ...