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To estimate the number of words in a book, multiply the number of pages by 250. For example, a 400-page book contains approximately 100,000 words.


Stories in the book of Numbers include the Israelites' journey to the promise land, Moses striking the rock at Kadesh, and Moses sending out 12 spies. The book of Numbers is the fourth book in the Old Testament of the Bible and fourth book in the Jewish Torah.


There is no film version of Lois Lowry's "Number the Stars" novel, as of 2015. Actor Sean Astin and his wife Christine purchased film rights to the movie and are developing a movie adaptation.


To receive an ISBN, a self-publishing author, publisher or business must apply to the National ISBN Agency of the country they are operating in. Publishers then must supply the National ISBN Agency with metadata about their publication such as the title, the author and the format as well as full con


Red Book online is the online version of the report by The Committee on Infectious Diseases. Red Book Online is published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and can be found on its website.


The chapters in John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" are not traditionally numbered, and the page numbers vary between different publications of the book. However, in the Penguin edition, the first chapter begins on the first page and ends on page 16. The second chapter begins on page 17 and ends on p


Under U.S. law, cellphone numbers are deemed to be private information and cannot be listed in a general phone book. However, many online sites provide look-up services for numbers, also known as reverse look-ups, and some also provide paid-for services for finding cell numbers from individuals' oth


Online directories, such as AnyWho, Whitepages and Intelius, offer free reverse phone lookup to identify the owner of a number. Users need a 10-digit number to perform a search, and detailed results display only for listed landline numbers. Advanced options are generally offered for a fee.


The top 10 books for book clubs begin with "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Help," "Blue Coyote Motel," "Cornered Coyote," and "Beyond Bridalveil Fall." The list continues with "The Book Thief," "The Glass Castle," "This Changes Everything," "Phenomena: The Lost and Forgotten Children" and "The Guernse


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