Alaska and Michigan are the states with the most lakes. Alaska is home to more than 3 million lakes that measure five acres or greater. More than 40 percent of the United States’ surface water resources lie in Alaska. More » Geography Bodies of Water

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website,, has statistics on U.S. deaths in 2013. The site states that 2,596,993 Americans died in 2013; this number translates to a rate of approximately 216,416 d... More » World View Social Sciences Population & Demography

The minimum number of presidential electors per state is three, according to the National Archives. A state is awarded electors equal to its number of members in Congress. More »

Lake Erie is bordered by four states: New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The Canadian province of Ontario also borders Lake Erie. It is the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes, by volume, with a surface area o... More »

Some examples of states where individuals can legally grow marijuana for medical use at their homes are Alaska, California, Michigan and Hawaii, based on laws passed by state legislatures. However, under federal law in t... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

Oligotrophic lakes are those bodies of water that have a poor nutrient supply and little to no plant life while eutrophic lakes have a good nutrient supply and support high plant growth. The root word "trophic" means nut... More »

As of August 2015, lakes such as Alamitos Bay, Huntington Harbor and Rock Creek Lake were all at the "good" level. Other lake reservoirs such as Huges Lake and Elizabeth Lake were completely dried up. More »