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The secretary has provided both a chart summarizing which states and territories require such a seal and a more detailed list referencing the authority under which the seal is required, and when available, the specifications for the seal.


Seal impression must be photographically, so when using an embossing seal it is necessary to use an impression inker with it. Colorado: Ink stamp required. It must contain the name of the notary, commission expiration date, the commission number, and the words “State of Colorado” and “Notary Public.” Embossers are not allowed (after 2012).


• Your state notary laws will indicate whether a notary ink stamp or embossing seal is required in your commissioned state, and what must appear on the stamp and/or seal. You may use the chart below for a quick reference; see your state statutes for complete information about your state's notary ink stamp or embossing seal requirements.


The seal shall contain the notary’s name exactly as indicated on the commission and the words “Notary Seal”, “Notary Public”, and “State of Missouri” and, after August 28, 2004, the commission number assigned by the secretary of state, provided that the notary public has been issued a commission number by the secretary of state ...


State by State Document Requirements. Unless a specific document requirement for a bond is mentioned for your state, Notary Bonds do not require any documentation and will be issued within 2-3 business days of placing the order.


State Law Summaries Read about the Notary laws in your state. These State Notary Law Summaries contain indispensable reference information you need to know, including statutory requirements where applicable.


Notary Seal Requirements: Indiana . The State of Indiana requires a seal to be used in all official acts of the notary public. It allows the use of an ink stamp or embossing seal which is photographically reproducible. The notary seal must contain the words "Notary Public," "State of Indiana" and "Seal".


Notary Seal Requirements The official seal of a notary public must include the following: The words "notary public" The words "State of Indiana" The word "seal" The name of the notary public exactly as it appears on the notary public's commission certificate. The words "commission number" followed by the commission number of the notary public.


Get your stamp or seal. After you get your license, you can get your stamp from: your bonding company, stamp providers such as office supply stores, or ; online. By law, the vendor must see a copy of your notary license before making your stamp or seal. The notary stamp must include commission number, meet the size and content requirements:


Notary Signing Agent. Notary signing agents are employed by private companies, and are not certified or qualified by the State of Michigan beyond the normal notary application process. A notary signing agent has no special powers, and must adhere to Michigan notary law in all transactions.