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If your document is notarized, the Notarial Wording is a very important part of your document, Do not allow the notary public to just sign their signature, date it and place their notary stamp on the document.

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be dated and signed by the notary with the notary public's name exactly and only as it appears on the notary’s commission; identify the county and state in which the notarial act is performed; contain the notary’s official stamp, which must be placed on the certificate near the notary public's signature in a form capable of photographic ...


Public Notary Word Sample for Notary Publics provides a clear understanding fot the Notary Statement. View our Notary Public Verbiage which is certified by the State of Georgia, download a sample notary wording / notary format page


Remember that if you do not use certificate wording compliant with the new law starting January 1, your notarizations will run the risk of rejection. Readers can check the Notary Bulletin for additional updates and articles about the new Florida Notary law as they become available.


Sample Forms “(Personalized Seal)” in the following examples means a seal containing the words "Notary Public, State of Texas" around a star of five points, the notary public's name, and the date the notary public's commission expires. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I. Form for Ordinary Certificate of Acknowledgment State of Texas County of _____


An acknowledgement is an act requiring the signer to acknowledge his or her signature on a document and the notary public notarizes the signature. It is not required that the signature be witnessed by the notary, the act occurs when the signer acknowledges the signature on the document.


The Ohio notary acknowledgment form is meant to be used by a notary public when authenticating signatures on legal documents.By law, a notarized document is considered valid only if voluntarily executed by the parties involved for the reasons set forth within the document.


Our witness signature notary certificates are used to attest that the person who serves as a document witness, and observes someone else sign a document, is who he or she claims to be. Notary witness statements are an important part of every notary public's responsibilities.


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After witnessing the document being signed, the Notary then completes the appropriate certificate wording for the signature witnessing. An acknowledgment, on the other hand, does not require the Notary to witness the signature in most states (one exception is Maryland). The customer may sign it in front of the Notary or even before coming to ...