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American Society of Notaries z P.O. Box 5707z Tallahassee, FL 32314-5707 z www .asnnot ry o g z (850) 671-5164 Don’t Notarize Your Own Signature Most states’ statutes explicitly ban notarizing your own signature. Even in the absence of an explicit statutory


The short answer is no, a notary public cannot legally notarize his or her own document. Most states specifically ban notaries from notarizing their their own signatures and documents – and for good reason: it creates a direct conflict of interest, because the fundamental purpose of notarization is to prevent fraud by adding another layer of ...


For example, you can notarize your brother’s signature on the title of his car, as long as you are not involved in buying or selling the car. Notarizing your own signature or taking your own oath or affirmation — You cannot notarize your own signature or administer an oath or affirmation to yourself.


Avoid Notarizing Your Own Signature ASN Hot Tip, June 2009-#2. A member who is a municipal employee recently encountered another municipal agency’s requirement that put her in a tight spot. The other agency wanted our member to translate a document into English, sign the translation, and affix her notary seal to it. The other agency insisted ...


Leon - the Notary is expected to be a disinterested official - so beyond your own signature, you would probably also want to avoid notarizing a document in a transaction in which you are a party or beneficiary such as deed, trust or will.


So you want to know if you can notarize your own signature? Is that the question? Reply by Lisa Cirillo on 1/25/13 10:06am Msg #452106 If you refer to your Notary Handbook, it will tell you no you cannot notarize your own signature. You can do a google search to see excerpts from your handbook.


Notary Public Underwriters has been dedicated to serving notaries since 1985. We strive to offer the highest quality notary products and provide fast and courteous service to all notaries nationwide.. No. Notarizing your own signature violates the requirement for impartiality. keywords: personal signature, indiana - 1/1


When you have your signature notarized on an important document, it proves to anyone who sees it that an impartial observer witnessed the signing of the document and that it was, in fact, signed by the correct person on the stated date. Notarized signatures are often required on important business, legal and financial ...


In the case where the signer has previously signed the document, you will still check to make sure the signature on the document and the signature on the photo ID is the same. You need not compel the signer to re-sign the document. Ask the signer, "Did you sign this document of your own free will and accord?"


Hello. Arizona Notaries may not notarize the signatures of anyone related to the Notary by marriage or adoption. (ARS 41-328[B]) So you may not notarize your husband's signature, but may notarize your son's signature as long as he is not adopted.