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Start studying the Minoans. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. ... why were they named the Minoans? They were named after legendary stories about King Minos, the king of the time. ... Why are Bulls very important to the Minoans? Due to the famous Minotaur myth.


The Minoan civilization is particularly notable for its large and elaborate palaces, some of which were up to four stories high, featured elaborate plumbing systems and were decorated with frescoes. One of the most notable Minoan palaces is that in Knossos, followed by that of Phaistos. The Minoan period saw extensive trade routes spanning a ...


The Minoan civilization is what archaeologists have named the people who lived on the island of Crete during the early part of the prehistoric Bronze Age of Greece. We don't know what the Minoans called themselves: they were named "Minoan" by archaeologist Arthur Evans after the legendary Cretan King Minos.


They established precedence for Classical Greece and thus Western civilization as a whole. The Minoans were the first true Western civilization, and by all accounts, very sophisticated by 2000 B.C.


From then onwards, their control of trade weakened and they were not so successful. Many people believe that the Minoans were eventually invaded by barbarians who attacked mainland Greece first and then Crete itself. The civilization had died out by 1000 BC. Are some Cretans famous even today? There are two famous Minoans in mythology.


Nefertiti was Minoan.The Minoans influenced Egypt,not the other way around.the Minoans taught superior ship building to the Egyptians.That was what the Minoans were exceptional at.They were the trading hub of the ancient world.They traded with everyone and ruled the seas.They were expert Mariners.


Mycenaeans Conquer the Minoans The Minoan civilization began to weaken around 1450 BC. Archeologists think this might have been due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake. The Mycenaeans took over the islands of the Minoans and adopted much of the Minoan culture. They adapted the writing of the Minoans to their own language.


In 1450 B.C. the Minoan civilization suddenly collapsed, some historians think undersea earthquakes caused giant waves that washed away the Minoans' cities. Others think the cities were destroyed by a group from mainland Greece named Mycenaeans.


The Minoans were a powerful sea faring people. They lived on Crete, which is an island in the Aegean Sea; the Aegean Sea is located west of Turkey and southeast of Greece.


The Minoans have an important place in world history, as building the first civilization to appear on European soil. Minoan civilization emerged around 2000 BCE, and lasted until 1400 BCE. It was located on the island of Crete, which is now a part of Greece. The Minoans were famous for the magnificent palaces they built, above all at Knossos.