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As of February 2015, Nostalgia Electrics parts must be purchased directly through the company. For information about Nostalgia Electrics parts, consumers can call (920) 347-9122.


Nostalgia Electrics are manufactured by Nostalgia Products Group, LLC in the United States. The company sells its products through all the major stores and distributors both within and outside the country.


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Nostalgia Electrics does sell a retro refrigerator in black. Its 3.0-cubic foot compact fridge with a dispenser leading from a 1-liter tank retails for $179 from Fry's Electronics as of 2015.


Reviews on Nostalgia Electric Retro series refrigerators tend to be positive, with the RRF325HN red and black models receiving three and a half and four out of five stars on Amazon as of February 2015. Multiple reviewers complimented the design, the compact size and the...


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Customers can buy Nostalgia Electrics popcorn makers at national retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, The Home Depot, Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond. Other retailers include Lowe's, QVC, Overstock.com and Amazon.com. Nostalgia Electrics manufactures 14 vintage popcorn ma...