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There are nine states in America whose laws regarding marriage, taxes and divorce make them community property states, as of 2015, according to About.com. These states include: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.


Some large community colleges in Michigan are Oakland Community College, Lansing Community College, Delta College and Macomb Community College. As of 2015, Oakland and Macomb Community Colleges are among the five largest colleges and universities in Michigan.


The main difference between community colleges and four-year institutions is that most community colleges offer only two-year degrees. Compared to four-year institutions, community colleges typically are cheaper, have much less stringent admissions criteria and offer more flexibility for students wh


Metropolitan Community College, or MCC, is a public college made up of multiple campuses. The main campus is located in Omaha, Nebraska. It has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and is the largest post-secondary institution in the state of Nebraska as of 2015.


Two community college options in the Baltimore area are Baltimore City Community College and the different campuses that make up the Community College of Baltimore County. All the main campuses of the college are in Baltimore itself, and there are also two extension centers in Owings Mills and Randa


Front Range Community College offers both on-site and online programs in a variety of fields, including architectural and building science, business and computer-aided drafting and design. As of 2015, degree options are the associate of arts, associate of science, associate of applied science, assoc


The first step towards enrolling at the Community College of Philadelphia is to complete an admissions application online. Acceptance into the college is guaranteed, and within three to five business days a confirmation email ensures receipt of the application and provides a student identification n


A well-known community college in Atlanta is Atlanta Technical College. Georgia Perimeter College, in the suburb of Decatur, is another community college in the area. The Atlanta metro area has the largest concentration of colleges in the southern region of the United States, as of 2015.


There are numerous advantages of taking community college courses including saving money, smaller class sizes, flexible class schedules and a large variety of support services. Teachers at community colleges also tend to focus more on teaching and less on independent research.


As of 2015, Florida is not a community property state. In community property states, any money earned during a marriage or property paid for by those earnings is considered to be owned equally by both spouses. In common law states, such as Florida, money and property belong to the spouse listed as t