Florida is located in both the Northern and Western Hemispheres. Florida is a state of the United States, which is located in North America. The Northern Hemisphere also includes a part of northern South America, the ent... More »

Continents in the Western Hemisphere include all of South America, almost all of North America, and parts of Europe, Africa and Antarctica. The world is divided into four hemispheres: the Northern, Southern, Western and ... More »

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There are over 30 countries and territories in the Western Hemisphere, including countries in North and South America and the western portion of Europe and Africa. There are an additional 12 countries that are partial in... More »

Cuba is 90 miles from Key West, Fla. Key West is the southernmost publicly accessible point in Florida. Key West is closer to Cuba than to Miami. More »

Miami is located in southeastern Florida, along the Atlantic coast. The city is situated on flatland that stretches between Biscayne Bay and the Florida Everglades, spanning an area of 55.27 square miles. More »

Some fun facts about Florida, known as the Sunshine State, include its state animal, the Florida panther, and its state flower, the orange blossom. The state bird is the northern mockingbird. Florida is also home to the ... More »

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The websites for The Florida Center for Instructional Technology and The State University Libraries of Florida both provide an large number of historical maps. The Florida State Archives and other local archives provide ... More »

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