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Walking Speed: Reference Values and Correlates for Older Adults Richard W. Bohannon, EdD, MS, BS' A. Williams Andrews, MS, BS Michael W. Thomas, BS he walking speed of older adults is important both because of its impli- cations for community ambulation (23,29) and because of its relationship with conse- quential variables, such as discharge


Preferred walking speed has important clinical applications as an indicator of mobility and independence. For example, elderly people or people suffering from osteoarthritis must walk more slowly. Improving (increasing) people's preferred walking speed is a significant clinical goal in these populations.


The walking speed for those with the average life expectancy was about 0.8 meters per second (about 1.8 mph) for most age groups of both sexes. ... Older adults who walk faster than 1 meter per ...


While there are many variables involved, the average human walking speed is about 3.1 mph. Some people are capable of exceeding 5 mph while still maintaining a walking gait, but the natural tendency is to begin running at much beyond 4 mph.


Walking for normal able bodied children is a lot different than walking for below-knee-amputees. Walking is less fluid and symmetrical for the children who are amputees. Research was conducted in order to find the best way to get the amputee children to develop a more symmetrical and fluid walking form like normal able bodied children.


Best Answer: I think the average speed of an adult walking depends on the age of the adult. Younger adults are bound to walk much faster than the elderly. Here are the results of a study done by the Road Engineering Journal to help determine the timing of crosswalk signals.


Gait Speed and Survival in Older Adults. ... also often termed walking speed, ... Perhaps a gait speed faster than 1.0 m/s suggests better than average life expectancy and above 1.2 m/s suggests exceptional life expectancy, but additional research will be necessary to determine this relationship.


Walking speed norms and several risk thresholds for poor health outcomes have been published for community-dwelling older adults. It is unclear whether these values apply to hospitalized older adults. This study recruited a convenience sample of 174 ambulatory adults aged 65 years and older who had ...


What is the average walking speed for an adult male? (self.Fitness) submitted 2 years ago by 1Os. A year ago I weighed close to 300#s. Now I'm 195#s, and I owe it all to walking. ... Coworkers and friends tell me they average between a ten and 12 minute mile. I rarely break a 15 minute mile walking as fast as I can without actually running.


Walking Speed: A Vital Sign for Older Adults By Dr. Tonya Miller, Regional Vice-President, Celtic Healthcare . There are many vital signs that can tell you how your body is performing. Physicians and other health care professionals track blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate to monitor a person's overall health.