Some of the most popular non-shedding dogs come from the Spaniel breed, including the Irish Water and American Water Spaniels. Both dogs are of medium size and are highly active as sporting dogs. The American Staffordshi... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Some dog breeds that have minimum to no shedding include dachshunds, poodles, schnauzers and the hairless Chinese crested. Allergy sufferers may prefer these non-shedding dogs because they produce less pet dander than th... More »

Some examples of non-shedding dog breeds include the Portuguese water dog, Irish water spaniel, miniature Schnauzer and soft-coated Wheaten terrier. Non-shedding dogs, aside from not shedding hair, don't produce as much ... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Because the term "teacup" refers to toy dogs smaller than breed standard rather than a true breed variation, Cavalier Health recommends avoiding breeders who claim to specialize in teacup or miniature Cavalier King Charl... More »

According to PetMD, the average life span of a mixed breed dog under 90 pounds is 11 years, while larger dogs live for about eight years. For purebred dogs, life expectancy varies by breed. More »

While any dog breed or mix can be affectionate, some breeds, such as Labrador retrievers, beagles and golden retrievers, have a reputation for being extra friendly. Other dogs like huskies require a little more interacti... More »

The Havanese breed of dog usually grows to be 8 to 11 inches tall at the shoulders and weigh 7 to 13 pounds when full grown. The life span of a Havanese dog is typically between 12 and 15 years. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs