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Non-ionic detergents are available from conservation, janitorial, and photographic suppliers in various sizes. You may want to bring a small spray bottle of water for gently cleaning dirt and debris from the stone. Wash stone with solution, then rinse stone with clean water.


Additional laundry detergent brands that produce non-ionic detergents include Ivory, Arm & Hammer, Just The Basics, Melaleuca Melapower and Wisk. Some dishwashing non-ionic detergents are Electrasol and Roebic. Examples of this type of toilet bowl cleaner include Cling, Lysol and Comet. "Non-ionic" refers to the surfactant contained in the ...


These properties decide which surfaces the cleaning product is best used on and how well they can cope with water hardness. Nonionic surfactants have molecules with no electrical charge, which makes them resistant to water hardness deactivation. This makes them good for use in laundry detergents, toilet bowl cleaners and dishwashing detergents.


Zylo Cleaner made by Industrial Soap Company is an example of a nonionic detergent. It is a synthetic detergent containing neither soap nor any kind of abrasives or acids. It is easy to rinse and an effective cleaner for removing grease and oil. Nonionic detergents do not ionize, meaning they do not carry any charge when they are dissolved in ...


Granite gravestones can be cleaned with the help of natural clean water, a non ionic detergent, and biocidal cleaning material. They can be cleaned just like marble, limestone, or sandstone headstones. If the stone is in good and stable condition and does not have any contrasting paint on the engraving, you may use a pressure washer, too.


Another major difference regarding the application of D2 with nearly all other stone cleaners, is it may be sprayed onto a dry stone surface. Within a few minutes it will go to work eating away at the biological activity. A non ionic detergent is safe to use on nearly all types of stones encountered in Cemeteries and graveyards.


If no water supply is available, bring several buckets along to keep clean water available at all times. Combine one ounce of the non-ionic cleaner with 5 gallons of water. Moisten the sponges and brushes with the water and scrub the areas gently. Work from the bottom of the stone to the top to avoid streaking.


PROSOCO Sure Klean masonry cleaners and brick cleaning products are trusted by top contractors, architects, and engineers nationwide. ... Sensitive brick & stone cleaner. Siloxane PD Long-lasting, pre-diluted water repellent. 2010 All Surface Cleaner Multiple-use cleaner and degreaser.


- Do not use household cleaners such as dish soap, detergent or any abrasive cleaners. Cleaning steps 1. Wet the stone with clean water; keep the stone wet during the cleaning process. 2. Wash the stone using the non-ionic detergent, gently scrubbing with the brush and sponge. 3. Wash all surfaces of the stone; rinse thoroughly with clean water.


How to Clean & Preserve a Tombstone. East Texas- Did you recently visit the grave site of a loved one only recently only to find the head stone was dirty and in need of cleaning or preservation? Cemeteries are among the most valuable of historic resources. ... Clean water, non-ionic detergent, biocide solution, ammonia and water solution, ...