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Gastric cardia is a type of cancer that affects the portion of the stomach that connects to the esophagus, explains New York Presbyterian Hospital. People with gastric cardia cancer experience stomach pain, discomfort and indigestion. Common symptoms include fullness in the upper abdomen, mild nause


Stomach cancer is a condition in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and invade the tissue around the stomach, according to the National Cancer Institute. Most stomach cancers start off slow, according to the American Cancer Society, but can spread to other parts of the body, such as the lymp


As of 2014, the scientific community is unclear as to what causes stomach cancer, according to WebMD. Risk factors such as gender, race, genetics, geographical location, blood type, age and family history may indicate an individual is at an increased risk of developing cancer of the stomach.


If you are facing stomach cancer, we can help you learn about the treatment options and possible side effects, and point you to information and services to help you in your cancer journey. What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about the coronavirus. How COVID-19 is impact


Gastric cancer, or cancer of the stomach, was once considered a single entity. Now, scientists divide this cancer into two main classes: gastric cardia cancer (cancer of the top inch of the stomach, where it meets the esophagus) and non-cardia gastric cancer (cancer in all other areas of the stomach).


Unlike gastric cardia cancer, non-cardia gastric cancer is found in all other areas of the stomach other than the top portion. Home. Health Topics. Allergies Cancer Coronavirus Diabetes Type 2 Heart Disease Hypertension Quitting Smoking Women's Health See All. Health Tools.


For the past several decades, rates of cancer in the main part of the stomach (stomach body) have been falling worldwide. During the same period, cancer in the area where the top part of the stomach (cardia) meets the lower end of the swallowing tube (esophagus) has become much more common.


The aim of this study is to compare the stage-for-stage prognosis of patients with cardia and non-cardia gastric cancer after operation.In this study, patients with cardiac and non-cardiac gastric cancer who undergo radical resection from January 2019 to December 2024 will be included.


Stomach cancer; Gastric cancer; Non-cardia gastric adenocarcinoma ; Death; Stomach cancer (or gastric cancer) is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the stomach. There are various types of stomach cancers, including adenocarcinomas, lymphomas, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, carcinoid tumors, among others.


Jin et al 26 found that rs2494938-C increases non-cardia gastric cancer risk by 18%. rs2494938 is located in the first intron of the LRFN2 gene, which encodes the leucine rich repeat and fibronectin type III domain containing 2 protein. 26 Located 200Kbp upstream, a second independent variant (rs2294693-A) was discovered in Asians. 76 rs2294693 ...