All Nokia Lumia smartphones run the Windows Phone mobile operating system. The first-generation Nokia Lumia 510 smartphone ran Windows Phone version 7. In March 2015, Nokia released new Lumia 640 cell phones that operate... More » Technology Mobile

To unlock a Nokia phone, enter the PUK number and key in a new PIN. To confirm the code, re-key the PIN once more before entering the code into the handset device. The PUK allows you to access the phone if you enter the ... More »

The default security code for many Nokia phones is 12345. If this does not work, the device must be taken to an authorized Nokia care point with proof of purchase to have the number reset. You can find locations on Nokia... More » Technology Mobile

Most Samsung mobile phones use Google's Android operating system, but a few models use Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system or Samsung's own Bada operating system. All three operating systems are designed to work w... More »

Adobe Photoshop Express, Microsoft Hyperlapse, Bing Translator, Skype and VLC for Windows Phone are some the best apps for Windows Phones, according to Each of these apps are free and take advantage of the... More » Technology Mobile

MX Simulator is not available for the Windows Phone as of 2015. However, it is available for PCs running Windows or Linux. A free demo featuring three tracks is available for download, and the full version of the game ca... More » Technology Mobile

Alcatel sells several phones under the OneTouch brand, and they are all smartphones that run the Android operating system. Alcatel also sells a line of tablets under the OneTouch brand that use Android. More » Technology Mobile