A lost time accident is an accident occurring at work that results in at least one full day away from work duties. This does not count the day on which the injury occurred or the day on which the employee returns to the ... More »

A car accident settlement amount refers to the money that a victim receives from a defendant as a result of a personal injury case. While there are no records about the average amount of car accident settlements, victims... More »

In the business world, a lost-time injury is any incident or accident that results in an employee no longer being able to perform essential job functions for a set duration. This may be a few hours, days, weeks or even y... More »

Report a fall at work by making a work-related accident report, advises AllLaw. Many states have a short time period in which to report injuries for workers' compensation. Even if you are not injured, reporting the accid... More »

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One theme for a special work day is "Out of this World." This revolves around space, so decorations include stars, planets and blinking lights. Possible snack ideas are astronaut ice cream, Milky Way candy bars, moon roc... More »

The United States Department of Labor explains that the Fair Labor Standards Act does not limit the amount of hours that an employer can make an employee work in a day or week. This applies to employees who are 16 years ... More »

Take readings of your blood pressure at the same time each day, and maintain a diary of your readings including the day, results and the time of the test, according to the American Heart Association. Let your doctor know... More »

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