To wire a basic light switch, turn off the power to the switch at the breaker, pull the wires to the switch out of the wall, connect the wires to the screws on the sides of the switch, and screw them down with a slotted ... More »

In order to wire a home light switch you need wire cutters and wire nuts. Start by turning off the power from the circuit breaker, then remove the switch plate, strip and connect the wires and place the new switch in the... More »

In order to wire a two-way switch, a current tester, wire cutters, strippers, caps, a two-way switch and basic electrical knowledge are required. A two-way switch offers several benefits to the home, such as allowing one... More »

To wire a phone jack, cut open the outer insulation of the wire, access the inner wire to expose the copper wires inside, and undo the screws of the wall jack. Then, secure the white, blue, orange and stripped wires to t... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

The eight tools and parts required to properly wire light switches are a single-pole switch, a Phillips-tip screwdriver, a standard slotted-tip screwdriver, a work light, voltage tester, a continuity tester, needle-nose ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

To install a light switch, remove the old switch from the wall, disconnect the wires, and reconnect them to a new switch. Before beginning this process, disconnect the electricity at the electrical panel, and test the sw... More »

To wire an electrical outlet to a wall switch, turn off the power, install the new switch box, run a new cable from the switch to the outlet, disconnect the tab connecting the receptacles on the outlet and connect the wi... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical