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The best home workouts from home involve getting the heart rate elevated and working the entire body by doing a workout that involves dumbbell lunges, pushups, planks and dips. Another workout combination might include supermans, bent knee pushups and side planks with a bent knee.


It can be beneficial to eat both before and after a workout. However, whether a person eats before or after a workout, or both, is not as important as what he eats.


According to About.com, a comprehensive workout program is one that includes flexibility, weight training and cardiovascular exercise. Beginners should start slowly with cardio and resistance exercises. Three days of cardio and two days of strength training is a good guide for novices. About.com als


A typical beginner workout program includes basic cardiovascular exercises, weight training and exercises to increase flexibility. Three days of cardio and two days of strength training a week are enough for a simple workout plan, but it's best for the exerciser to determine his fitness level to asc


To create a workout that is the best for your body, you first need to create a personal workout plan including the most effective exercises specifically designed for you. To make a workout plan, you must consider your body type, your goal, your experience in working out, your schedule and your prefe


Running in place can be an excellent workout, according to FatLossPot. Running in place burns up to 500 calories per hour, tones the muscles of the legs and glutes and increases the heart rate. It also has the advantage of not requiring any expensive equipment.


A good full-body workout targets multiple muscle groups to give optimal results for the time and effort it takes to complete the workout. It includes exercises that give the strength and muscle tone necessary to accomplish fitness goals.


The standing V raise is one of the best arm workouts for women. This exercise works out the muscles in the upper arms, chest and back. Dumbbells are needed for this arm exercise.


Some examples of exercises that focus on arm muscles are bicep curls, hammer curls and tricep pushdowns. Arm workouts focus on exercising the biceps, triceps, deltoids, rhomboids and the forearm muscles


Bodybuilding.com states that exercises that work the chest muscles at different angles are the best approach for a chest workout. The site lists the 180-degree twisting dumbbell bench press, close-grip weighted push-up, cable crossover 21S, kettlebell flye and forward-leaning dip as five essential c